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Les Mines de Gaia - Minerals jewelry


Some practical information:

It is a hydrated silicate. Fossilized wood (or silicifié or petrified or Xyloïde) belongs to the group of microcrystalline quartz. It is a wood pervaded by the jasper, of chalcedony and sometimes of the opal by pseudomorphose.
Hardness: 5-7/10. Origin: Argentina, Arizona, Egypt.

It dates about 200 million years. It is the symbolism of the vegetable and mineral. His colours are in dominant features of beige, ochre, browns and horse chestnut and from zones of very various colours (reds, greens, purples, yellow etc). The most spectacular deposit is drill petrified by Holbrook in Arizona.

For his Purification, leave it some seconds under cold water or use some frankincense, and recharge it with a lot sun or on a mass of quartz.

It is well suitable for the signs of the lion and the virgin. Planet: Saturn

That it brings us:

It is a calm stone, of quiet happiness. It is concrete, clear, takes root profoundly on the soil. It is a fantastic reservoir of life that allows the access to mysterious knowledge. It is very good for people absent-minded and persons who lose memory.

Legends and superstitions:

According to the Revelation (in Greek: revelation), it is a stone of survival that marks a new stage in existence. It is a stone amulet which the sailors took to protect himself of shipwreck. In certain lands, they used it to decelerate the ripening of the wine, afin, which it does not embitter.

The plates of a certain size would also act as telepathic link between different epochs. They would help us to remember our previous lives.

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