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Les Mines de Gaia - Jewels Minerals


Some practical information:

Silicate of iron and magnesium with iron oxide. His colour varies of the green yellow to the brownish green and it is a stone semi precious.
Hardness: 6.5/10.
Origins: Southern Africa, Australia, Burma, Brazil, Norway, Zaïre and U.S.A.

The origin of its name comes from Greek "chrysolite " which means gold stone and olivine for its colour olive green.

For his Purification, leave it some seconds under cold water or use some frankincense, and recharge it on a mass of quartz or a lot sun. But Purifications are seldom necessary because the péridot is very resistant to negative energies.

It is suitable for the signs of the lion, the scales, the Capricorn and the bull.
Planet: Mercury

That it brings us:

Stone protector. He can give rise to blows of lightning because he has power to attract people. It pushes back negative energies which can come to unsettle the equilibrium of the one who carries it.
Teach that it is counterproductive to hang on to people, at the past, attenuate jealousy, resentment, desire, anger and diminishes stress.
Trust and insurance, without aggressivity augments.

Legends and superstitions:

It was introduced in France in XIIE.S. by the knights back from crusades, one the conscript later "Pierre des knight" or « Emerald of the Crusaders ».

Anglo-Saxon tradition makes the stone of August and of the lion: the natives of this month very have interest in carrying it, under trouble, say the Americans, to live without love and only one.

Linked by the pope Gregory XI, in dominations (the fifth rank of angelic hierarchy) which carry out divine sentences and, for others, to the angel Alair, governing the growth of trees and forests, the péridot was of use for Medium Age and until XVIIIth century in the decorating of the objects of worship and the ecclesiastical furniture. The treasure of the kings magi of the cathedral of Cologne consists of péridots.

To carry a ring of gold set by péridot moves away ghosts and demons.

For alchemy it is an active element of Purification and protection, a centring on the cardinal points.

For Christianity, it represents Holy Mind, beginning and the end of the Earth.

For Israel, it is the mind of God, authority, potency and glory.

In Maghreb, it is offertory in the invisible, brotherhood, joy and chance.

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