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Les Mines de gaia - Jewelry Minerals Himalayan Rock Salt
Stones of Himalayan salt lamps and candleholders in

Always from the crude salt blocks, you will find all sizes. Sometimes polite, sometimes gross, it will be an aesthetic choice to make.

Lamps Crystal salt ions can neutralize harmful because they spread around them a negative ionization beneficial to health. It has long connaûit "harm" on ions generated by the TV, computer, ... Beyond this action, the salt is a "draining" natural cleanse all these lamps and smoky, dirty or smelly.

Moreover, by their color, pink to orange-red, crystal lamps rock salt are soothing. Chromatotherapie in red is recommended in the neurasthenic, yellow and orange stimulates, tones, leads to optimism. Side lithotherapy, pink brings gentleness, calmness, improves sleep, and takes care of the heart!

Over the lamp, the greater its power is great, of course. However, candlesticks, led by fire "alive" and not a bulb, a charm, and a form of "vitality" mesmerizing!
Rock salt in cooking

The Himalayan salt contains 74 of the 84 essential and trace elements present in the human body. In the kitchen, bath, candle, follow the guide

The rock salt from the Himalayas is formed there are more than 200 million years.

The ideal composition of the prehistoric sea has been preserved: it has all the qualities of salt is essential to life. Sodium chloride is not separated from other elements necessary for its assimilation. Its qualities are accompanied by an amazing flavor: those who taste not slow to adopt! Free of pollution, it is now looking for its nutritional qualities and considered at the top of its range. In some countries it is marketed under the name "King of salt ..."
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